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This month of October is very special, because I am officially launching my new glamour portrait brand! It’s something that I’ve been planning for a while, and with some help from Amy my social media guru and Troy my tech expert, I am able to release my very special first blog post! I am so thrilled to share these changes with you! This first blog post is introductory; I’m letting you into my life to get a glimpse of who I am and why I believe in my portrait business so strongly!


I never believed that a photograph could change my life. Even when it had, I was completely unaware of the influence a single photo could have over me. Even when I decided to start my career as a photographer! Even then. I did not understand the power of a photograph.


Not too long ago, I was teased a lot by classmates in school. Here I was, this innocent child who made friends with all walks of life and looked at everything with optimism. It never occurred to me that my unique style of chocker necklaces and jeans with skirts was outrageously uncool. But all of that changed when I heard the whispers of “What is she wearing?…Big Eyes….String bean!” Yes, String Bean. I was actually shamed for being too skinny. Never mind they work in gas stations now 😉


(This is where I would insert an old photo of me, except I deleted them all out of shame.)


Teasing led to insecurities about my looks, I no longer wanted to wear my “geeky” glasses that I had once gravitated to at the eye doctor’s with fervor and certainty. The purple and blue frames were calling my name, and now the very sight of them embarrassed me. Along with practically everything else that defined me back then.


I was constantly trying to find acceptance and love from other people. When I received constant praise and reassurance, I thrived but when I wasn’t receiving that from other people I could hear my ego screaming “WHY CAN’T YOU DO ANYTHING RIGHT!?”. Does this sound familiar?


The root of the problem was that need for acceptance, and I think we all are victims of that urge at some point or another. The Ego, it took me a while to tame that nasty little thing. It never occurred to me that the love I was seeking actually existed inside of me. It’s been there all along, collecting dust. All I had to do was bring it out and use it.


It exists inside of you too.


Photography changed my life. I took self portraits, I got to know my camera, which poses and angles made me look my absolute best.

It gave me my confidence back,

because I could literally see how beautiful I was, and with every self portrait my beauty was reassured. I did this until I had enough confidence without the proof.


Self Portrait Photography Fine Art Confidence Self Portrait Photography Fine Art Confidence Self Portrait Photography Fine Art Confidence


Now I know what you must be thinking.

“I shouldn’t have to be reassured of my beauty by a photograph.”

And you are 100% correct.


We shouldn’t have to be convinced that we are beautiful. We should have enough confidence in ourselves that we don’t need to be reassured.


But, if a photo of ourselves can help us reawaken that confidence inside, then why not? Let me ask you a question:


How do you feel about yourself? Do you love yourself? Do you smile every time you look in the mirror? Or do you notice all your imperfections?


I didn’t have that kind of confidence back then. Every time I looked in the mirror all I ever noticed was my acne and how ugly my hair looked that day. It affected me so much that I could never go out in public without having my makeup and hair done and some nights I would feel so disgusted with my imperfections that I would just mope in pity and cry about it.


But the saddest thing is that almost every woman will feel like this at some point in their life, and most of them will never change the way they see themselves.


I am going to change that.


I believe that this problem goes much deeper than the materialism of our looks. I believe that this is something deeply rooted inside ourselves, it’s not just on the surface. The question is not, are you happy with the way you look. The bigger question to ask is:


Will you allow yourself to love yourself?


Like really love yourself? Can you forgive your mistakes and praise your achievements, no matter how small? Can you just sit with yourself alone, no distractions, and feel content with your life? Can you look in the mirror and honestly tell yourself “I love me!” without any hesitation? Are you confident in knowing that your best friend lives inside you? Guess what? She does. And just with any relationship, this one needs your love and approval to thrive.


The secret to unlocking your confidence is by changing your attitude towards yourself. It took me a long time to learn that success and happiness comes from optimism and self-love. You have to be the one to give yourself the affirmation that you need. It’s not always easy to change your way of thinking, and sometimes I still go back to my old way of thinking and I have to give myself a pep talk. But I’m here to make it easier by giving you the best photograph you’ve ever had of yourself! How many people can say they have that right now?


The person you will spend the most time with in your life is yourself, so better try to make yourself as interesting as possible .


Most women can’t say that they have a high quality photo of themselves. I can tell you why…


1.) When other people photograph you, they always seem to get you at your worst (or at least that’s how you feel about it). And that damn camera always seems to add 10lbs. (It does. Cameras are cruel.)


2.) Looking at these photos on facebook only confirm your belief that you’re not beautiful and instantly you untag yourself and crawl under a rock. (I know this feeling all too well.)


3.) Your best photograph is an iphone selfie. Because given some intimate alone time with selfie mode, you’ve gotten to know your good sides. (well we all look better with that silly kiss face, amiright?)


But why can’t everyone else capture your good side?


Because posing is an art. It’s something you can master, and with all masters it comes with lots of time and practice. And let me tell you a secret. Most photographers don’t take the time to master this practice.


But you’re in luck because I have. I went through a beauty portrait boot camp (like military bootcamp, but fun) where I practiced posing every body type so that they looked their absolute best to the camera and fell in love with themselves all over again after looking at their images.


before and after confidence glamour portrait photography


But you know what the best part was? These women brought that confidence with them everywhere after that! To their relationships, to work, to the grocery store. Their newfound confidence followed these women to the mirror where they were now able to look at their reflection and smile, because they truly felt happiness towards themselves. How do I know? They’ve told me themselves.


I’ve made it my goal to photograph every woman who has ever doubted her love for herself. I’m not joking, test me, email me, comment on this post, and I will find you.


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