Audrey Simper Photography’s Launch Party 2015!

Excitement, anxiousness and happiness flowed through me this entire day. It was the day I had been planning for months to release my new brand: Glamour Portrait Photography! Being a Leo, I just HAD to throw a party to celebrate 🙂 It almost made me question if I should have been a party planner/decorator, almost.

I am so blessed to have the most amazing friends in the world, so many of you were willing to help me prepare and set-up and I LOVE YOU ALL. Especially clean-up crew, don’t tell the others but you’re my favorites.

I learned a lot from planning and executing this event. There are some things I would do differently next time around and others that I wouldn’t change at all. Looking for my top tips for planning a launch party of your own? You can find them at the end of the post.

Welcome Party Sign and Table

The party was decorated with my brand colors, pink, white and gold of course! I’ve been slowly collecting glass bottles and for the party I decided to spray paint them all gold. Along with half of the other objects and furniture in my room…I’m gold obsessed!

launch party business cards on table

Photography Gift Voucher and Name Tags Party

There were four simple steps to celebrate at our launch party:

Step 1: Collect your gift voucher. We gave out $200 gift vouchers to everyone who came! Don’t you wish you had gone now?

Step 2: Enter the raffle. We raffled off a portrait session to one lucky winner who hasn’t been announced until now!!!!! Drum roll please…………And the winner is: Alexandra Brash! Woot! Woot!

raffle at launch party

Step 3: Take Selfies. I wanted the guests to be able to take something home with them. So we had a pretty sweet selfie station setup with an Instax (polaroid-esque) camera so that people could take their photos home with them after hanging them up on fishing wire to expose.

DIY backdrop selfie station balloons

selfie station props instax polaroid

Selfie Station table setup gold and pink

launch party diy backdrop balloons

selfie station

polaroid instax selfie station launch party ideas

Step 4: HAVE FUN! And we did 😉

chicago photography launch party

chicago photography launch party

chicago photography launch party event

chicago photography launch party event

chicago photography launch party photo book

chicago photography launch party decor

chicago photography launch party decor ideas

chicago photography launch party ideas

I even gave a speech – by memory and this was my first time ever doing something like this and I have to tell you I am pretty defeated that I can’t find the video. It was accidentally deleted it and I’ve spent the week trying to recover it with no luck 🙁 But I wasn’t going down without a fight, so I compromised. I decided to give the speech again and record it for you lovelies because even if you couldn’t make the party, I definitely want to share this message with you:

Honestly this event just flew by for me. The event was 2 hours long but it felt like 10 minutes! I’m so grateful to all who came out to support me and my new photography brand!

polaroid instax launch party selfie station ideas photogaphy

5 tips for hosting your own launch party.

So I had a great event, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people, and the night went amazingly, better than expected actually. I’ve learned a lot from planning and hosting this event. Besides the obvious like preparing months in advanced, making sure you have everything you need (down to every last detail) and using your brand colors and essence throughout, I have some tips and things that’s I’ve learned that I think you will find value in planning your own launch party one day!

  1. You WILL need more setup time than you think. 

    I said to myself “we can do this in an hour.” Not. More like 3hrs, that would have been the ideal amount of time for setup so that we weren’t rushing. Even though the event was well displayed and it worked, that extra time would’ve allowed us to better setup the food table and the selfie station balloon backdrop and also put me in a more relaxed mindset. I also would’ve been able to get more pics of the sweet setup!

  2. Send out personal invites.

    A lot of people came and I am so happy to have partied with such special beautiful faces! 🙂 The thing is I had an RSVP list to get an idea of how many people were coming, so that I could provide enough food, drinks, and gift vouchers. The thing is, only half of those people came. I wasn’t expecting everyone to come who said they would come, but I think if I had sent out personal invites to each person as well as to people in the industry that I don’t know, I would have had a bigger turnout.

  3. Give your guests something to take home with them

    Give people a reminder of your event and brand to take home with them. I decided to give people a cool unique photo to take home with them using our selfie station and Instax camera. It was a hit and everyone was posting their photos on social media afterwards 🙂

  4. It’s a party, so make it fun!

    People define fun in their own ways, but for me it meant pumping up the upbeat music, champaign, silly photo booth props and a raffle. Because what better way to get the party started than music that encourages dancing and drinks that make fun noises?

  5. Make the time to talk to everyone. Even if it’s just to say hi. 

    Another reason more time would’ve come in handy! Like I said, the event was two hours long but it felt like 10minutes to me! I wish I had more time to have a deep conversation with everyone who came but that’s how it is being a host I guess. But I’m glad I still made the time to at least say hi to those I did not get to speak to! People need to a have an interaction with you and your brand to remember it.

  6. Photography EVERYTHING!

    That way you can make an awesome blog post like this one! And share the details with those who missed it. Oh and, try not to delete your speech on accident 😉


Did you like this post? Share it with your friends! If you have any more tips to add leave them in the comments below, I’d love to hear your ideas!

xoxo Audrey