Gold is a popular brand color these days, especially around the holidays. But it’s hard to call it a color, since it’s more complex than others. You can’t simply color something gold, it’s needs that shine and glimmer! Today I will teach you how to apply that gold foil to text and graphics in Photoshop!

chicago photoshop classes, gold, shiney, photoshop tutorial, text, foilchicago photoshop classes, gold, shiney, photoshop tutorial, text, foil

First: Gold on White

Step 1: Create your blank white canvas. Add your text and graphics in Black.

Step 2: Copy and Paste Gold Foil, it should create a layer of it’s own. Download the gold foil image here.

Step 3: Change the blending mode from Normal to Lighten

Now your text looks gold! But to take it further….

Step 4: With the Gold Foil Layer selected, go to Layer>Adjustments>Curves. I dragged the bottom dot to the right to create darkness. Click OK when done.

Step 5: To get rid of the texture, we’ll go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur, 26.1 was enough for this post. Click OK.


Now the shine looks smooth! You could even go further by adding gradients and more curve layers and presets.

Second: Grey Background

Step 1: We will start off the same way as in the previous tutorial, but this time we will get rid of the white background. (If there is any white you can get rid of it by using the select color range, using the dropper to select white, hitting OK and then DELETE.)

Step 2: Copy and paste the goil foil. Download the gold foil image here. It will create it’s own layer, move that layer underneath the black text layer. (I got rid of the texture using Gaussian Blur, see above steps). I also added a Grey background layer to be revealed later.

Step 3: Select the black texts and graphics. Do so by hitting CMD + Click on the thumbnail of the text layer. Now the text is selected.

Step 4: With the text still selected, click on the Foil layer. Then hit the Add Layer Mask (outlined in red below).

Step 5: This is what your image should look like. Because the black text layer is still visible. Turn it off or delete it to reveal the gold underneath.

And we’re done! You can always create more shine with a different foil image, or by adjusting it’s look in PS further. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Leave me a comment letting me know how it works for you or with any other PS tutorial ideas you’d like to see!

Happy Holidays <3