Photographs and thoughts on my recent trip to Costa Rica.


First of all, this travel destination comes highly recommended from me. If you’ve ever considered making time to go there THEN DO IT!!! I don’t meditate often, but when I can’t fall asleep I’ve learned this mediation where you imagine yourself in a peaceful and safe space, where you can relax, and you just imagine yourself laying there, listening to the sounds, or lack thereof. Well I’ve never been to a jungle before, but for some reason that place for me was a jungle, filled with lush vibrant greenery, the sounds of the birds, as I’m just chillin there in a hammock. Costa Rica And how amazing it was to actually exist in it.

We made a pit stop in Allelujia from the San Jose airport. It was interesting, the locals were not very friendly here though. The main attraction was this church:

The flowers and the colors in this tropical country really inspire me.

Then directly to La Fortuna to see the Arenal Volcano and the largest waterfall in the country. Now if you do go, you need to stay more than one week to truly experience all this beautiful place has to offer. Which is totally doable because the hotels are really affordable in my opinion. Speaking of hotels, our favorite was this small family owned hotel called Arenal Tropical Gardens. They claim to have the best view of the active Arenal Volcano, and it’s no exaggeration. They really do. Not to mention the rooms are so cute and comfortable, and when they offer to cook you breakfast you say “YES!” because it’s literally the best breakfast I’ve had during my entire trip. And their hospitality was amazing. Coffee lovers beware, Costa Rica has some of the best coffee around. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever enjoyed the taste of pure black coffee. Though the country really isn’t known for their food I’m now addicted to cooked plantain and Costa Rica has ruined pineapples in the US for me. They’re just too good down there.




“Let’s close these curtains, I want to feel like a princess” -Camille

I woke up at 5am for this sunrise over the volcano picture. You’re welcome.

On our way there we decided to stop at this butterfly and hummingbird sanctuary, because hummingbirds are my spirit animal.

Yes that is an airplant!!

The butterflies seemed to really like my brother. He had three on him at one point.

After a few long hours in the car, we made it to Manuel Antonio. We did make a stop at MonteVerde, but we didn’t stay there long and we did go ziplining so I decided not to take my camera. My sister did get it on her GoPro but anyway, Manuel Antonio is a tourist hotspot on the beach. We took a tour of the national park and went with a guide to ensure that we were able to see the animals! Our guide was awesome, we learned many tips from him and were only really able to see the animals through his telescope. We saw tiny bats the size of chicken nuggets, a sloth, a tucan, some sleeping bird, a crab, a weird looking pig thing, an ant eater,  and something I’ve waited my whole life to see outside a zoo, A MONKEY!!! The park leads right into a beach that is gorgeous but not very swimable because it’s full of rocks and we learned that the hard way. I don’t care how unfashionable they are, my water shoes came in handy. Of course there is a nice swimable beach outside the hotel, and there we took a surfing lesson and I was actually able to successfully ride out two waves 🙂



The beach at 6am


Our last activity was exploring the mangroves. This little white bird kept following us. She’s so cute. Our tour guide let us hold his baby crocodile.



The restaurant to the left was an AMAZING israeli falafel place. The food tasted fresher than it did in Israel haha.

It was fun Costa Rica, see you next time. If anyone has any travel questions leave me a comment, I’m more than happy to help plan your trip! 🙂


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