Let’s be real. You could just wake up and show up to your shoot. But this is your day! I want to help you make the most of it by coming prepared! So here are some ways to prepare for your boudoir shoot that may not have even crossed your mind:

1.) Wash Your Hair the Day Of or Night Before.

You are going to have a professional hair stylist for your shoot and in order for her to work her magic, she needs to work with clean hair. So please avoid coming in with greasy or product filled locks.

2.) Color Treatments

Speaking of hair…If you dye your hair and you would like a touch up before the shoot, now would be the time to book your hair appointment before your shoot to touch up any roots or faded colors!

3.) Nails

Speaking of appointments, consider getting a mani-pedi. Nails are hard to photoshop and often unfortunately forgotten about until shoot day comes! If you don’t want the mani-pedi at least come with clean, clear nails. You could even add a coat of Top Coat to add a quick shine and even texture.

4.) Drink Plenty of Water

Water improves your metabolism and hydrates your skin. Make sure the week of your shoot (or just as a general rule of thumb) that you’re keeping the largest organ in your body happy and healthy!

5.) A Tip for Tired Eyes

If you’re like me a struggle with heavy under eye bags, one tip I learned to improve this on the day of is to put a mixture of coffee grounds and water on your bags. The caffeine in the grounds tightens the skin and BOOM! Goodbye puffiness!

6.) Avoid Processed Sugar

For that same reason, avoid processed sugar and load up on the fruits and veggies! You skin and body will thank you for it and you will feel AMAZING for your shoot!

7.) Activity

Another way to get your skin’s natural glow? Working out! Look shoots with me are more like a Pilates class. You’re holding awkward poses for 1-2hrs. Working out before your shoot will also help your body feel more comfortable in these positions. I recommend yoga.

8.) Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Look if you have a breakout that day or you get a new rash or a bruise. Don’t worry about it, these things are insanely easy to photoshop so don’t let it ruin your day!

9.) To Wax or Not to Wax?

This is totally up to you and how comfortable you feel! But another appointment you might want to consider booking is a bikini or brazilian wax. We won’t be doing crotch shots but make sure you’re comfortable down under ahead of time.

10.) Aunt Flow Came to Town….

So you got your period. Do you have to reschedule or cancel your shoot? Well that’s completely up to you and how you feel that day. Some girls choose to reschedule while others use tampons and pretend like Aunt Flow was never here. Some girls chose to go on with the shoot and decided not to wear thongs but undies with better coverage and comfort. Don’t be afraid to talk to me about it! It’s completely up to you and as I said it’s YOUR day so I want you to feel extra amazing!

If you have any other questions for me feel free to reach out to me here.


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Audrey, Chicago Boudoir Photographer