Fine Art Photographs and Prints

Audrey Simper began her photographic journey as a fine art photographer. She spent her time creating surreal self-portraits that tell stories of her whimsical imagination and blurring the line between dreams and reality. Though she has many different photography genres she practices, fine art will always remain a passion in her heart and she is always looking to create new series of works. Want to stay up to date with galleries and new works? Subscribe here. If you’d like to purchase a limited edition print you can email Audrey here.

Floral Collection

Being a fan of everything soft and feminine, I am intrigued by nature’s beauty that exists in floral form. This is a collection of my favorite florals from around the world.

Travel Photography

Photographs from my travels, capturing the essence of the culture in images.

Prints and Projects

To inquire or purchase prints and limited edition prints please contact Audrey below. Let's Work