Mentor Sessions

1 on 1 Mentor and online Skype lessons for Photography

Learn Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom from a Pro

learn photoshop, lightroom, photography class, mentor session
learn photoshop, lightroom, photography class, mentor session
learn photoshop, lightroom, photography class, mentor session

Two Ways to Learn

Skype Sessions

I began to offer Skype Sessions after a large amount of requests for Photoshop tutorials came in from my fans around the globe. I wanted to give everyone the chance to learn, even if you’re not able to meet me in person. Skype sessions are pretty much what the name implies: A Processing Mentor Session that takes place via Skype. A Skype Session lasts 1hr with 45min of learning with Q and A available throughout the entire session, and 15min at the end of our session for discussion and review. You can schedule more than one Session for more time. Based on our Consultation, I will be able to tailor this session to you and your skillset. Maybe you want to learn Photoshop, maybe you want to learn Lightroom, maybe both. Popular things requested are Skin retouching, color processing, presets, photo-stitching, etc. I’m so excited to teach you what I know!

Mentor Sessions

Mentor Sessions can be divided into two sections: Shooting & Processing. The full session includes both, but you have the options to split the session up or only participate in one or the other if you wish. A full session is 2hrs long not including travel.

The Shooting Session: During our consultation I have gotten a chance to get to know what it is you want to learn so I can customize this session to your best interests. This session is a photoshoot with a model that we had previously planned and prepared and now we are making it happen. I will lead you through how I set-up my shoots, pose my models, my camera settings and gear, techniques I like to use and more. Then I will step back and let you get your shots with your newly learned techniques.

The Processing Session: After our shoot we will head to a nearby coffeeshop or studio to go over our images, and begin the editing process. I will show you how I use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom to process my images, how I use presets and actions and save my images for print vs web. Again this session will be tailored to your skillset and what you’d like to learn from your session.

Learn from anywhere

Skype Sessions allow you to learn no matter your location. All you need is a Skype account and good Wifi.

A Little More Personal

Skype and Mentor sessions are private classes, giving you my undivided attention.

See Results

Gets results and knowledge in real time.


Get Answers

Ask questions, get answers. It’s that easy.


Skype accounts are free and easy to setup!


Mentor for Life

After our Mentor Session, I remain your mentor and an open book for you to seek guidance.

Local to Chicago

Mentor Sessions are for those willing to meet Audrey at her current location, home to Chicago but frequently travels around the globe. To see her upcoming travel plans check here.

Pre-Written Notes

After your Session I will email you some pre written tutorial notes to go back to in case you’ve forgotten anything.

I’ve followed Audrey’s work for a while now. I have always been impressed by her editing capabilities, so when I found out she was offering classes I immediately signed up for a Skype session. I was unsure what kind of quality learning I would be able to receive over Skype but those worries disappeared quickly as Audrey made it very clear to me what I needed to do. After our session I felt really grateful for my time with Audrey as she had saved me a lot of headache and time from trying to figure out these editing techniques on my own. My clients are also impressed with my new work.


I recently got a DSLR camera and fell in love with Photography! But when it came to the technical side of Photoshop and retouching, I was lost. My friend told me about Audrey’s mentor sessions, the fact that I could have a personal mentor in this field I knew nothing about really interested me. I was, however, a bit hesitant to sign-up because I didn’t know what her class would be like. That was until I found out that before signing up I could meet Audrey and discuss my needs with her at our consultation! I came away from our meeting with complete confidence and excitement that our session would be amazing! And it was nothing less than, I still go to Audrey when i get stuck and she has been an incredible mentor to me! That alone is incredibly valuable to me.


I’ve known Audrey since high school. Ever since she boldly started her photography business I knew she was going to be my go to photographer anytime I needed one. Her Photoshop skills are crazy good and her eye for detail is what makes her stand out. I never doubted Audrey’s abilities in the world of cameras. That’s why when I picked up one of my own, I knew exactly who to go to for tips. My 1 on 1 mentor session with Audrey was everything I expected and more. I’ve gained so much new knowledge about my camera and editing process and I am now so excited to put it to use!


To start, set up a Consultation with Audrey

Before you invest and schedule a Mentor or Skype Session with me, we will first set up a consultation. A consultation is a 30min-1hr long meeting where we can get together and discuss this opportunity to learn. Here you will get the chance to figure out if a class from Audrey is right for you, and I will have the chance to plan and prepare for you session based on your interests and what you’d like to learn.

The consultation is completely free and coffee’s on me. These meetings usually take place in person at a local Chicago area coffee shop. However can also be done on Skype or on the Phone. To set up a Consultation with me, please fill out this introductory form here.

Subscribers Get More!

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Skype Session

Learn PS+LR
  • Learn from anywhere
  • Pre-written notes included with purchase
  • 1hr long, with the option to add more time. ($45 for each additional 30 min)
  • No risk, refundable* if our Skype connection gets lost
  • *see FAQs for refund policy. 

Mentor Session

Full (shooting & processing)
  •  Face to face session with Audrey
  • Pre-written notes included with purchase
  •  2hrs long not including travel time
  • Plan and set-up a shoot with Audrey’s help
  • Learn Posing tips, in-camera techniques, and more!
  • Learn PS and LR editing techniques from Audrey

Half Session

Shooting OR processing
  •  Face to face in person session with Audrey
  • Pre-written notes included with purchase
  • 1hr long


What do I need for a Skype or Mentor Session?

For a Skype Session you will need:

  • Adobe Photoshop, CS6 or higher preferred.
  • Adobe Lightroom, 5 or higher preferred.
  • Skype Account
  • Good WiFi
  • Parent’s permission if under 18 years old.

For a Mentor Session you will need:

  • Adobe Photoshop, CS6 or higher preferred.
  • Adobe Lightroom, 5 or higher preferred.
  • DSLR Camera
  • Parent’s permission if under 18 years old.
What if our Skype Convo loses connectivity?

In the instance that we lose connection on Skype, we will try to reconnect the conversation. If it doesn’t work you have the option to reschedule or get a refund based on the time passed.

Half a session gone by: refunded half the payment, Quarter of a session gone by: 3/4 refund, Total session unable to connect: total refund.

How long does a Skype Session last?

I schedule Skype sessions 1hr at a time. 45 minutes of learning with open Q and A throughout the entire session. 15 minutes at the end of the session for discussion and review. Want more time? You can always schedule another session.

How long does a Mentor Session last?

Mentor Sessions are split into two parts: Shooting & Processing, based on which parts you schedule your time slot will vary.

Shooting = 1hr

Editing = 1hr

How do I schedule a Consultation?

Contact Audrey here to schedule and inquire about sessions and set up consultations.

What is a Consultation?

A Consultation is a 30min-1hr long meeting with Audrey Simper to discuss if Skype or Mentor sessions are for you, what you would like to learn, a chance for you to understand more and see if this is something you want to do, and a chance for me to plan for your specific session based on what you want to know. Consultations are done in person at local coffeeshop, via Skype or on the Phone.