Powerful Images for the Divine Feminine

This photo shoot is for the daring, strong, radiant women who are ready to love themselves fiercely. The woman who is ready to be flawsome: the woman who embraces her “flaws” and knows she’s awesome. She’s tired of living up to society’s standards and expectations of what a women is and what a woman looks like. She’s done with body shaming, over trying to be someone that she isn’t, & terminated shrinking for someone else’s comfort.

Let’s start a new chapter. A story of women who empower other women by fearlessly embracing and loving every aspect of themselves. A story of women who understand that every body type that exists in this world is a beautiful body; a beautiful body that is a vessel for an even more beautiful soul.

We will tell the story of a new kind of world. A world where women aren’t afraid to be judged for embracing their sexuality. A world where women aren’t afraid to be themselves. A world where it is sexy to be both feminine and strong.

This is the way that I see the world and it is my mission to celebrate women like us.

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-Audrey Simper, photographer for empowered women

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Chicago Boudoir Photography – Rachel

Chicago Boudoir Photography – Rachel

RACHEL “I did have some doubts before working with Audrey, like not looking as good in the pictures as I had hoped. Or looking awkward. But she delivered! Audrey Is so sweet and lovely to work with. She makes you feel so comfortable and really knows what she is...

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