“Before working with Audrey, I had some doubts that she would not know the best angles to shoot a woman to make her most attractive in portraits, but her work blew my mind! I have never felt so beautiful in a picture until Audrey showed me that it’s okay to be myself and let her take care of the rest. Audrey has exceeded my expectations by far and I will always think of her first when considering another shoot. I have already referred friends and family members! Needless to say, her future in photography and visual art will be very bright.”

Lisa, 22

Civil Engineer

“I did not have doubts before choosing Audrey because I knew that she is a professional and everything will be ok. When I asked her if she could take my pictures I thought that I will stay on a chair in the kitchen, but no, we went to 3 different places, we changed clothes, we had fun and we also included my boyfriend. Now I realize why I never did this before with anyone else because I was waiting for the best and I was traveling over the ocean to receive it. Audrey made me feel like a real model and I love it.”



“Some doubts I had before working with Audrey were if our ideas of what looks good/attractive on me would match up. Or that she maybe would have a hard time working with my body type. She Definitely delivered on my expectations! I thought I looked even more beautiful than I had ever expected to going in. Audrey made me feel gorgeous not only in the pictures, but even throughout the shoot. I had a great time working with Audrey, and would love to do it anytime! She is a great photographer, but more than that, she really knows how to bring out the best in the people she is shooting.”

Harshita, 22

Business Consultant

“When it came time to do my own photos, I doubted myself more then I would Audrey. I have seen her work previously as well as worked with her on other shoots and had no doubt in my mind that the photos would be great. It was more about me and doubting myself because I wasn’t experienced when it came to being in front of the camera. Audrey definitely delivered. I have had Audrey do my headshots twice now and I absolutely love them. I have worked with her a few times now and she is a pleasure to work with. Very pleasant and laid back and she definitely made it easy and comforting for me to stand in front of that camera. I definitely look forward to  working with her again. ”



“I’ve never had someone take photos of me and I wasn’t sure of what it would be like. Audrey delivered on my expectations and then some. She made me feel special and beautiful and I cannot thank her enough. Everyone loved the photos, especially me. I feel so blessed that I got the chance to work with her.”

Emily, 21

Social Media and Brand Ambassador

“I had no doubts when choosing to work with Audrey Simper Photography. I knew friends who had worked with her before, and their wonderful results were the reason I reached out to Audrey. The only doubt I had was in myself since I am a new model. Audrey was patient and encouraging in terms of suggesting poses and being very helpful. She treats her clients delicately with respect. Audrey Simper absolutely delivered and exceeded expectations. I was already expecting a professional photographer who would deliver wonderful prints, but more than that Audrey is compassionate, patient and a joy to be around. It isn’t simply a photoshoot or a transaction. It is, as her website states, a girl’s day out and a celebration of beauty. Audrey’s sheer joy for what she does makes working with her fun. She spent quality time with me discussing the images and expressing in person her commitment to delivering. This was definitely among the other above and beyond aspects of the quality of Audrey’s service. I would recommend Audrey Simper Photography to anyone. She is incredibly professional. Her skills in the studio, in post production, her delightful demeanor and the amazing artists she collaborates with on shoots make her business a total success. I plan on booking with her again in the future.”



Audrey Simper Glamour Portrait Photographer Headshots

Audrey Simper is an award winning portrait photographer for women. She’s an industry leader that offers mentorship and workshops. She’s also a yoga enthusiast, smoothie connoisseur, and a sucker for Planet Earth.

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