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What Clients Are Saying

“Before working with Audrey, I had some doubts that she would not know the best angles to shoot a woman to make her most attractive in portraits, but her work blew my mind! I have never felt so beautiful in a picture until Audrey showed me that it’s okay to be myself and let her take care of the rest.

Audrey has exceeded my expectations by far and I will always think of her first when considering another shoot. I have already referred friends and family members! Needless to say, her future in photography and visual art will be very bright.”

Lisa, 22, CIvil Engineer

“Some doubts I had before working with Audrey were if our ideas of what looks good/attractive on me would match up. Or that she maybe would have a hard time working with my body type. She Definitely delivered on my expectations! I thought I looked even more beautiful than I had ever expected to going in.

Audrey made me feel gorgeous not only in the pictures, but even throughout the shoot. I had a great time working with Audrey, and would love to do it anytime! She is a great photographer, but more than that, she really knows how to bring out the best in the people she is shooting.”

Harshita, 22, Business Consultant

“I’ve never had someone take photos of me and I wasn’t sure of what it would be like. Audrey delivered on my expectations and then some. She made me feel special and beautiful and I cannot thank her enough. Everyone loved the photos, especially me. I feel so blessed that I got the chance to work with her.”

Emily, 21, Social Media and Brand Ambassador

Audrey Simper is a portrait photographer for women. She’s also a co-founder and marketing manager of a lingerie company, a yoga enthusiast, and photography mentor.



Folio Boxes start at $1200 for 8 images

Wedding Coverage begins at $3000


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