“Love Yourself First”

Because everyone deserves to feel sexy, beautiful, loved, and be proud of their body. My boudoir style is soft and feminine, it is not raunchy or sleazy. A boudoir photoshoot with me is a fun and feminine experience. We start by choosing your lingerie, you can be as covered or as uncovered as you please! Champagne along with hair and makeup is always included. From here, it’s just putting the trust in your photographer. 🙂 Are you feeling nervous? That’s totally normal. Just remember that I pose people for a living! I know all the angles, poses and lighting to make you look your absolute best and I will happily guide you through your photoshoot to make you feel gorgeous and comfortable! I encourage you to book a boudoir session, even if it’s not with me, at some point in your life, because it is one of the most liberating and freeing experiences. I know so, and my clients tell me so. This is a photoshoot that is guaranteed to boost your confidence and make you feel empowered! I am so grateful that I get to be able to help women accomplish those lasting feelings.

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Boudoir Event

A Boudoir Event is an all day event where you can book a section of time to come in and get your boudoir photography done with Professional Photographer Audrey Simper in her private live-in studio! Provided at the shoot will be a Pro Hair and Makeup Artist to pamper you as little or as much as your heart desires, glasses of Champagne, light snacks, a take home Polaroid photo, your choice of music, and styling assistance. Audrey’s studio is located in Pilsen, Chicago. The sessions are 1hour of hair and makeup and 1hr of shooting.

Boudoir events will be announced here or on my Upcoming Events Page. To request an event contact me here.

Next Chicago Boudoir Event: TBD

Boudoir Parties

If you already have a group of girls together and you’d like to host your own boudoir party, that can easily be done as well. When you put together a party with 3+ girls, you can receive discounted package pricing. I absolutely LOVE photographing boudoir parties because they are so much fun. What does it look like? You + Your girlfriends + Champagne + Makeup + Hair + Pretty underthings + Laughs and giggles + Empowerment. The more the merrier. If you’d like to inquire about a boudoir party please contact me here.



Audrey Simper Glamour Portrait Photographer Headshots

Audrey Simper is an award winning portrait photographer for women. She’s an industry leader that offers mentorship and workshops. She’s also a yoga enthusiast, smoothie connoisseur, and a sucker for Planet Earth.



Audrey has been our family photographer for the past 5 years now, I had seen her boudoir work before and it blew me away. I knew she would do mine when I was ready. I was afraid I might not be able to look as sexy and beautiful as the girls in her images, I am a curvy girl. But that fear disappeared after she showed me my images at our shoot. Audrey is surreally talented! She really has a way with people and posing them for their body types. These are to date my favorite images of myself and my husband is crazy about them. This whole shoot has really made me look at my body in a different light and I feel like I can now fully embrace myself as I am without feeling like I need to change. That was a huge realization for me. Thank you Audrey!


Magazine Editor

I had never worked with Audrey before, I was nervous. I stumbled upon her website while looking for Boudoir photographers and was captivated. I was hoping that I could get something similar but my expectations were much lower for my shoot. I’m no model and I had no idea how to look sexy, but I was planning to become pregnant and wanted sexy photographs of my body before it changes. After speaking with her on the phone and meeting Audrey at our consultation, I was 110% confident that she was the right photographer. She was so incredibly helpful and patient in guiding me and making me feel comfortable. Moreover I was amazed by my photographs! I feel like an actual model and I have no idea how she pulled it off but I am extremely happy that I chose Audrey for this special photoshoot. I’m walking away from this experience with more love and appreciation for my body than before and that is priceless.



I hired Audrey to do a Boudoir Event for my girlfriends and I. We worked so hard on our bodies that it was really important to us to celebrate. This was the perfect medium for that. I had heard about her work through a friend when she found out I was looking into photographers in the Chicago area, after I told her I was really feeling discouraged because a lot of boudoir photographer’s work looked raunchy and poor quality. But Audrey’s images are tasteful and classy while still exuding sexy. She made it fun, she made it a party, she helped us pick out matching lingerie and provided champagne and robes! Audrey thought about every detail and made us feel amazing! Everyone loved the images, especially me. I have a framed images hanging on my wall to remember that day with my friends. I can’t wait to do it again sometime.


Personal Trainer

The Studio

What Will I Receive?

I offer three packages, depending on which package you purchase, products will vary. All packages include a take-home polaroid print from the shoot, hair and makeup, set number of high and low res images, and prints. Bigger packages offer variable sized black book albums and boudoir videos. (You can always upgrade to a larger package during the shoot or after reviewing your images at the viewing session.). Pricing details are listed below.

What is a Boudoir Video?

For the first time ever at this Valentine’s boudoir photography event I am offering boudoir videos! A boudoir video is a 30sec-1min professionally edited video taken during your shoot. I am so excited to add this service to my photoshoots because I’ve found that these videos boost empowerment and self-confidence. They also make great Valentine’s Day gifts 🙂 See an example below:


View more products available to order from your Boudoir shoot here.

P R I C I N G 

Images start at $150

Packages start at $1200 and go up from there

Payment plans are available

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So what’s next? I would love to meet with you for a free consultation either in person or over Skype to discuss the photoshoot before you book. That way you get to meet me, see the products in person, get your questions answered before committing. When you’re ready use the button below to sign-up for a consultation! Audrey will be in contact with you

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